Anti Wrinkle Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine / Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment


Anti Wrinkle Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine / Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment

Anti Wrinkle Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine / Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment

Anti Wrinkle Radio Frequency Cavitation Machine / Lipo Laser Slimming Equipment


1. Body slimming, contouring & shaping;
2. Cellulite reduction;
3. Skin Tightening;
4. Wrinkle Removal;
5. Warm Massage;
6. Face shaping and slimming.

Applications of Device

1). Reduce cellulite, fat burning
2). Local fat removal
3). Elimination of loose and flabby skin
4). Treatment of body contouring
5). Increasing muscle tone, improve blood circulation
6). Intensive skin tightening and lifting
7). Anti wrinkle, mechanical cellulite massage (comfortable)

1. V10 Handle:
1. Infrared light: Far infrared heating: it can get results of promoting blood circulation, increasing active oxygen and accelerating the detoxification. And it can stimulate fibroblasts, enhance collagen structure, to make proliferation of epidermal tissue, thus also it can get
results of anti-aging.
2. RF+cavitation+vacuum therapy: Through the compression and decompression of ultrasonic cavitation, bubbles are formed in the fat tissue. The exploding of bubbles can break up the stubborn fat and
cellulite effectively. Combined with vacuum suction, it is absorbed by the lymphatic system or exhausted by metabolism. The radio frequency utilizes electric wave to permeate the epidermis to produce high energy, which makes the temperature of the tissue rise instantly. High heat causes the immediate contraction of fiber and production of new collagen. In addition, the membrane of fatty cells becomes more permeable with the help the vacuum; and the vacuum activates the cells of the connective tissue which produce flexible fibers.
3. (BIO) Biological micro electric current simulates acupuncture and moxibustion to carry out point massage, through Electronic Pulse, to let internal organ of the body generate corresponding physiological responses, and effectively regulate biological, computers and metabolism, increase activity of lactate dehydrogenase within the body, thoroughly adjust the human endocrine, improve human metabolism, slow down the speed of glucose transferring into fat. Especially playing great role in the decomposition of fat metabolism, it can decompose most of triglyceride into fatty acids and glycerol through hydrolysis, let them leave the fat cells, and through a series of special routes of decomposition, finally they are transferred into carbon dioxide and water, thus the energy is used up. The size of fat cells decreases, thus the effect of weight loss and tightening the skin achieves.

2. Cool Technology cryolipolysis
As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures.
It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues,reduce unwanted fat, when fat cells are exposed to precise cooling. They trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body’s normal metabolism process,to eliminate unwanted fat.
3. Multi-polar RF Fat Burning Head
Can rapidly improve local blood circulation, cause disintegration of fatty acids and metabolism of fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of fat dissolution and weight loss. Use the probe to massage the specific part of skin circularly after applying the gel or slimming products for about 20 or 30 minutes.Mainly for face lifting,wrinkle removal,skin tightening ,skin rejuvenation,anti-aging,fat reduction.
4. Laser lipo System
Laser for fat reduction,use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells, broke the fat cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride, then leave out the body thanks to metabolism. The laser heat can stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity.

5. Cavitation Head
During cavitation the high performance ultrasound waves generate micro-bubbles in the tissues of the treated area. When these micro-bubbles collapse, they create an abrupt pressure change that dissolves the fat cells in the local area. The dissolved fat cells get to the liver through the lymphatic system, the liver decomposes them, and they leave the body with the urine.
Treatment course and suggested Preferences:

Handle Technology Parameters Suggested Preferences Suggested Treatment
Course Setting
(work with slimming gel&oil )
·Red Led
1-8 5-7 25~30min/treatment
2-3 treatments/week
Body RF
(work with slimming gel&oil )
·LED light
1-10 2-5 25~30min/treatment
2-3 treatments/week
(work with slimming oil)
Cavi: 6-7
RF: 3~5
BIO: 6~7
One treatments/week
(work with anti-freeze membranes)
-10~10℃ 5℃~3℃ → 0℃ →
-3℃~ -5℃
3-5 treatment /course
5℃ for 5min;
0℃for 5min;
-3~-5℃for 10~15min;
One treatments/Month
Laser lipo Large x6
Small x4
1-1000hz 500HZ ~
8 treatments/course
40 min/treatment
2 treatments/week

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